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December 24, 2009

School Made Ornaments

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Nick brought home an ornament that he made at school.
Let me begin by stating how much I appreciate that teachers take the time to make these with their students. With everything else that teachers must accomplish this time of year, their efforts are that much more worthy of praise. Of all the ornaments I’ve received in my lifetime, the handmade ones from Nick are my most treasured.

This year was not unlike most others. Nick brought home his ornament, and we hung it together with pride on our tree. However, everytime I see this year’s ornament, my stomach does a little flip and I experience a wave of nostalgia. You see; Nick’s in 5th grade, and I’m reluctantly realizing that this may be the last year that he’ll be making an ornament at school. Next year, he’ll be at the middle school, and I just can’t see it happening there.

More and more often lately, I’m being bombarding by feelings similar to this one. Where has the time gone? My little boy is growing up. It’s all happening way too fast. It seems like yesterday that he brought home he first school-made ornament: a darling cutout of his tiny handprint.

Please time, I’m begging you; SLOW DOWN!

Merry Christmas everyone!


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