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October 1, 2009

31 for 21 Challenge

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I’m starting this blog in order to join a movement close to my heart. The movement, called “31 for 21”, is designed to celebrate Down Syndrome Awareness Month. Throughout October, participating bloggers attempt to blog every single day. While I am certain that Down syndrome will be a frequent topic in this blog, it will not be the only one. I have much I wish to share, and I’m excited to begin. So here goes…

Let’s just start with the basics. Who am I? I’m a single mom of one 10 year old son; the incredible, wonderful, adorable Nick. (Nicholas if you prefer. He responds to either, unless he’s playing video games or watching the Simpsons, in which case he responds to absolutely nothing.)

Let’s see. In addition to my favorite role: Mama, I’m also a registered nurse. I graduated with my Master’s degree in Nursing about two years ago. We won’t go into job details (for fear of being dooced), so let’s just say I’m a pediatric nurse who, in general, truly enjoys my job.

I have two amazing parents that I love dearly, and to whom I am eternally grateful. (We’ll go into why I’m so grateful another day.)

I’m the youngest sibling of four; the only girl. Yep, that means I have THREE older brothers. Gulp. In reality though, they are all wonderful and I only suffered minor trauma growing up in a house surrounded by so many boys.

My brothers have all married beautiful, classy, and loving women. Which means I finally have the sisters I always wanted. They have also all been blessed with children of their own. Mike and Jen have two boys: Jack and Teddy. Paul and Lisa also have two boys: Luke and Sam, and one more on the way: Cole. Pete and Julie ALSO have two boys: Peter Jr. and Tristan. (Yes, we seem to have a problem producing female offspring in our family. Leading me to often question if I was secretly adopted.)

My life centers around my family. We’re extremely close and all live within a 10 mile radius of my parents’ home.

Okay! I think that’s enough for now. I hope you’ve enjoyed this introduction into my life. Check back soon for updates!


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